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Eco-fy Your Bathroom

Reducing our carbon footprint can seem like an enormous task when you look at it from a whole. In 2019 there are so many ways you can make changes, and it can definitely be a little intimidating!

That’s why today we’re breaking it down and starting with the smallest room in the house! It shouldn’t come as a surprise that British bathrooms often use the highest amount of chemicals, and we regularly turn to the most corrosive and damaging products to keep them squeaky clean.

Unfortunately these cleaning products come with a hefty environmental price, but fear not - we’ve got you covered in your bathroom detox!

Starting from the bottom 🍑

There are a lot of things to consider when hunting for the perfect loo cleaner, but the number 1 attribute is that it actually does what it says. Cleans! Tackle the toughest stains with Ecover’s power toilet cleaner. Powered with renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients, this tox-free cleaner gets the job *done*.

We know what you’re thinking - can nature really tackle that level of bacteria and grime? Absolutely. And without the eye watering chemical smell. Swap harmful chemicals with the fresh, unobtrusive scent of lemon and orange for the ultimate eco toilet cleaner.

Floor it 🧽

A lot of bacteria ends up on the bathroom floor, especially where baths and showers are involved. That bacteria travels a long way when there’s little ones crawling around, so it’s important to keep the floors at their freshest. But it’s 2019, and it’s time to give nasty, harmful chemicals the kick. Method’s Wild Rhubarb no-wax Floor Cleaner is non-toxic and biodegradable - so not only will it leave your floor smelling good enough to eat off, but you can breathe easy knowing you’re reducing your environmental impact.

But does it actually do the job, we hear you ask? Oh you better believe it. For shiny, bacteria free floors, you’ve got to give this Method a go!

Spray away 💦

It’s time for that all purpose cleaner that covers everything from shower grime to the post-bath wipe down, and we can’t go past Waitrose own ECOlogical Bathroom Cleaner in Watermint and Sage. This heavenly, natural cleaner banishes stains, nasties and germs and leaves your bathroom smelling like a summer garden. We think we’ve sold it already, to be fair!

Brushing up 😁

It’s not always easy to make big eco-friendly changes in your life, but if you choose one thing from this list, we’d love it if you swapped out your plastic brush for one of our compostable bamboo brushes. With 3.5 billion plastic toothbrushes being thrown away each year, the world is crying out for a more environmentally responsible toothbrush!

We’ll take all the work out of remembering when you last changed it by sending a fresh bamboo brush to your door every two months. Making your carbon footprint a little smaller has never been easier, and you can sign up today from as little as £2.50 a month!

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