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Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about any of our products or the service we provide, take a look at our FAQs below.

And if you have a question that’s not on the list, please get in touch either by email (hello@brushbox.com) or via Facebook (@brushboxuk) and we’ll happily tell all!

1. What is Brushbox?

We’re glad you asked – Brushbox are a team of likeminded people whose aim is to change the way people think about, and look after their teeth. We are dedicated to providing a useful and trusted service, with no gimmicks or hidden charges, just great quality products to keep you and your family smiling, shipped straight to your door. It may sound grand but we intend to implement a step change in improving the oral health for current and future generations, and we’d love to have you on board and your help to achieve this.

2. Why do I need toothbrushes delivered to my door?

We touch upon this in more detail on our ‘Why’ page – over time, bad bacteria builds up on our bristles (yeughh…) and this can adversely affect your health. Unfortunately, the fact is that not many of us can remember precisely when we last changed our toothbrush, and it is estimated that 70% of us don’t replace our brush when we are supposed to (that’s every 2-3 months, in case you were wondering!). Look – we’re not trying to scare you, we’re trying to help! It’s about convenience, well-being and peace of mind. Our subscription box service does the brain-work for you; sending you and the family a brand new toothbrush (and toothpaste) every other month so you never need worry again.

3. What comes in a box?

In every box you’ll find a toothbrush in your chosen style (the precise ‘colour’ of which will change from delivery to delivery) and a 2 month supply of toothpaste. You will also have the option to include Floss and/or a Tongue Cleaner in your box (see later for why these rock…)

4. How do I sign up?

Simples. Select ‘Get Started’ from our home page and follow the 4 super simple steps – so easy a baby could do it. Well, maybe not a small baby, but possibly a well-trained super-techie baby…

5. How much is delivery?

Absolutely nada. We’ll deliver all our products directly to your door at no extra cost so, fortunately for you, when you get to the check out, you won’t be surprised by any sneaky delivery charges.

6. How long will delivery take?

Hmmm, that’s a toughie – if this is your first box then delivery could take between 10-14 days (I know... we’re sorry!!) but for all future boxes you can expect to receive them 4-5 days after payment has been received.

7. Do you deliver outside the UK?

We currently deliver throughout the UK & Europe, however we may look at delivering our toothbrushes further afield if the demand arises... Watch this space!

8. How often do you deliver?

Every 2 months. On the dot. And don’t worry, you’ll always be notified well in advance in case you want to pause, skip or cancel.

9. Can I just try this out rather than subscribe?

Sure, just sign up for a box and you then have 2 whole months to decide whether you want to continue, if you do (woo-hoo!) then great, however if you don’t (sob) then just jump into your account and either ‘skip’ or ‘cancel’ your account there and then. It’s super simple and there’s no gimmicks, no hidden costs, and no commitment.

10. Can I really cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes really! We’re not in the game of trying to tie you into any long-haul contract. Whilst we’d hate to see you leave, you can cancel at any point and at no cost – its super simple & super quick.

11. Are my payment details secure?

Absolutely. Our payment partner is one of the most well respected in the industry and are trusted by some of the world’s largest and most well known organisations and are compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) service provider Level 1, the most stringent certification available.

12. Can I gift a subscription box?

Our subscription boxes make for great gifts, particularly for students (parents we’re looking at you here) or your favourite frenemy ?. Just enter their details in the delivery section and away you go!

13. What type of toothbrushes do you sell?

You can take a good look in our ‘Products’ page just off our homepage. We offer a ‘Pure’ traditional range, and x2 styles of Bamboo toothbrush – our ‘Smooth’ Bamboo & our ‘Curved’ Bamboo

14. Do you provide Children’s toothbrushes as well?

Absolutely. All 3 ranges also come in child-friendly sizes.

15. Is there a difference between the children’s toothbrushes and the adult’s?

Yep indeedy. We know that your little ones won’t be able to use the same size toothbrush as you, as much as they’d like to! Our kids’ range features toothbrushes perfectly designed for those small mouths and tiny hands. All our kids’ toothbrushes have super soft bristles (to help protect against excess erosion of their tooth enamel) and shorter, chunkier handles – for gentle, easy brushing.

16. Are your toothbrushes any good?

Absolutely – our manufacturing team has been supplying toothbrushes to the UK, EU, and US markets for over 15 years and operate out of cleanroom plants with ISO and GMP certifications. Our factories have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, GMP and BSCI Certificates, with our products being CE, SGS, BRC, FDA, and Reach approved. We are committed to providing you with beautiful, high quality products that create and maintain beautiful smiles, with timely delivery that promotes and encourages healthy routine.

17. What materials are your toothbrushes made from?

Our ‘Pure’ toothbrushes are made from ‘food grade’ plastic with industry leading DuPont Herox bristles . Our ‘Smooth’ and ‘Curved’ Bamboo range are made from carbonized Mao Bamboo, an environmentally sustainable timber which is both water resistant and antibacterial.

18. Are your bristles hard or soft?

Our adult toothbrush bristles are ‘Soft’, and our children’s bristles ‘Super Soft’ to help avoid excess erosion of your tooth enamel – without wishing to get technical on you a major problem facing large parts of the population is the fact that we typically tend to brush too hard & this inadvertently causes us wear down the enamel on our teeth – this cannot be replaced!

19. Are your products environmentally friendly?

Our ‘Pure’ toothbrushes can be recycled once you’re finished with them and our Bamboo toothbrushes and our Bamboo brushes are compostable – just make sure you remove the bristles first (a small pair of plyers or tweezers will do the trick!) Our Brushboxes themselves are also made from fully recyclable & FSC certified board with all pulp sourced from well managed and sustainable sources.

20. Where is your toothpaste made?

Our toothpaste is manufactured by our award winning partners in Ireland – they’re industry leaders in the development and manufacturing of Oral Care, Cosmetics and liquid filled Medical Device products, and operate under ISO9001 and ISO13485 standards, i.e. you’re in safe hands!

21. Is your toothpaste any good?

Damn straight! Here’s our pinkie promise – our toothpaste will whiten your teeth, remove extrinsic stains (red wine, coffee, nicotine, tea, etc), reduce tartar build up, prevent decay (an important one that one), maintain healthier gums and teeth, help you keep fresher breath, and also contains fluoride to strengthen teeth. Last but not least, it will also make you measurably more attractive to the opposite sex… (ok, maybe not this one)

22. What ingredients are in your toothpaste?

Here goes… Sorbitol, Aqua, Hydrated Silica, Glycerin, Pentasodium Triphosphate, Tetrasodium Triphosphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Aroma, PEG-32, Cellulose Gum, Sodium Fluoride, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Saccharin, CI 42051, and CI 74160. Our toothpaste also contains Sodium Fluoride 0.31% w/w (1,400ppmF)

23. Is your toothpaste suitable for children?

Most certainly – our toothpaste is perfectly suited for children and its gentle minty taste will both appeal to little people and big people. Public Health England’s official guidelines state that for the maximum prevention of tooth decay for children aged 0-6 years they should use toothpastes containing 1350-1500ppmF (Fluoride) – ours is 1,400ppmF.

24. How much toothpaste should I use?

Remember those toothpaste ads on TV where a full strip of paste would be lathered over the bristles…? Yep, that’s too much. Call us cynical but could it possibly be in the advertisers best interests to indirectly suggest that you use as much paste as possible, and then go buy more…? Full disclosure – you only need a pea sized amount. Our toothpaste contains a foaming agent to ensure uniform distribution over your teeth so that’s all your teeth need, any more is a waste. For children, official guidance states that between if between 3-6 years then they should also use a pea sized amount, and if under three years old then they should use a smear of toothpaste for supervised brushing to minimize any swallowing.

25. Should I rinse after brushing?

Hell no! Don’t rinse your mouth with water after brushing – our toothpaste forms a protective coating of fluoride over your teeth to continue fighting plaque long after you’ve finished brushing.

26. Do I really need Floss?

Short answer, yes. Look, you only have to floss once a day and after a few days you’ll have the technique down pat. Our floss will reach and clean areas of your mouth that normal brushing just can’t reach – and from only 75p a month can you really afford not to??

27. Ok, ok… but a ‘Tongue Cleaner’…?

A "tongue cleaner??!" we hear you cry – well listen up cos we’re about to blow your mind… Firstly, did you know that up to 90% of bad breath is caused from odour-generating residue on the top of your tongue. Furthermore, the spongy texture of the tongue harbours debris and microbes that are bad for general health and it is essential to remove the accumulated debris regularly to avoid health problems. This being said, toothbrush bristles are designed for the smooth surfaces of your teeth, not your tongue! Our Tongue Cleaner is specifically crafted to remove this bad bacteria and residue, helping to cure & prevent bad breath, and to maintain good health all round – why not pick it up alongside our Floss for only 75p per month?

28. Are you hiring…?

We’re a fast paced start-up looking to shake up an established industry – we’re always interested in hearing from enthusiastic, inquisitive, hard-working minds who want to play a proactive part in helping us to achieve something special... Drop us a line at hello@brushbox.com (with subject heading “Pick me! Pick me!”)

Any other questions which weren’t covered above? Just drop us a line at hello@brushbox.com