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For kids

More than one in three 12 year-olds are embarrassed to smile due to the condition of their teeth. A third of all children starting school each year will have signs of tooth decay. This is also the top reason why children are admitted to hospital each year, and the most common cause for children taking time off school.

"7 billion smiles and yours is my favourite." 

Poor oral health can affect children and young people's ability to eat, sleep, speak, play, and socialise with other children - it is an integral part of overall health and can affect their ability to learn, thrive, and develop.

This is why Brushbox exists.

Help your children to develop good habits at a young age and together we can help them maintain healthy teeth for life.

A simple

We all live incredibly busy lives - remove one less thing to remember and sign up for our hassle-free subscription service to get fresh new toothbrushes and pastes delivered when their mouths need them. 

The days of forgetting to buy new toothbrushes for your children are over. No more feeling guilty, or wasting precious time in that checkout queue.Our simple subscription service makes everything super easy. 

 When your child's toothbrush is about to wear out and stop giving the protection they deserve, we’ll send them another (they can think of us as the 'Toothbrush Fairy'!)

Brushes your little
ones will love

Sometimes, it can be difficult to motivate your children to brush their teeth (we've all been there). Our brushes have super cool designs aimed to capture their imagination and engage them in a new way. 

 Best of all, your children can now have a toothbrush delivered just like yours – a mini version for them, for your 'mini you'.We’ve also designed our brushes with their little mouths in mind. The bristles are softer and the handles are chunkier, ensuring gentle cleaning for softer gums and a good grip for smaller hands. 

Pssst...Want your children to get really excited about brushing their teeth?Simples. Address your box to them - children LOVE receiving post! And by allowing them to 'own' the Brushbox experience, you'll be inspiring the adoption of healthy routines and habits that will last a lifetime.

Helping children 

Brushbox’s mission is simple: to implement a step change in improving the oral health for current and future generations – and that doesn’t happen just through top-quality brushes and tasty pastes. 

 That's why through our 'Buy One, Give One' initiative we have partnered with Dentaid to ensure that for every brush you buy, we will send another to a child who needs one.

Our products, your child’s smile

Nobody wants their child to be a statistic. 

 Sign up with Brushbox and set your little one up with the best start to maintaining the clean & healthy mouth they deserve.