Save the Planet, Twice a Day

3.6bn plastic toothbrushes end up in landfill or our oceans every year

Get yours today for only ​£20​ and you will:

  • Prevent​ 6 ​plastic brushes polluting our planet ​🌎
  • Donate ​6​ brushes to disadvantaged children 👧
  • Plant ​6​ new trees where they’re needed most 🌳

“I love the fact that for every toothbrush I get, Brushbox donate another one to  someone in need”

– Cameron Lee

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Did you know ​ every ​ plastic brush you’ve ever used still exists? ​

​It’s crazy, but it’s true - in fact, ​every plastic toothbrush ever produced still exists today. A plastic toothbrush takes over 400 years to decompose and with 3.6bn brushes a year being produced and added to the pile, this is a massive problem.

Things won’t change unless ​we change, which is why we decided to do something about it. But we can’t do this alone – we need your help and together we can ​ make a difference.

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Don’t miss out – get your year’s supply below

Get x6 eco-friendly bamboo brushes delivered direct to your door, x6 brushes donated to those
less fortunate, and x6 trees planted on your behalf. Join the movement below!

  • 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Handle
  • Naturally Antibacterial & Water Resistant
  • Certified Vegan & Cruelty-Free
  • Bio-Based BPA-Free Bristle
  • Soft Bristles (as recommended by dentists
  • 100% Recyclable FSC-Cert Packaging

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Brushbox makes the perfect gift

Show your loved ones that you care – with x6 brushes being donated to disadvantaged children and x6 trees being planted on their behalf, give a unique gift which can’t be found elsewhere.

Our year’s supply of eco-friendly brushes provide a genuinely useful, socially responsible and eco-friendly gift which comes beautifully packaged – perfectly suited for young or old alike.

Here’s what our customers have to say...

A small change can make a big difference

Better habits

Better habits

Replacing your brush every 2 months (as recommended by dentists) leads to a healthier mouth & happier smile



A full year’s supply of bamboo brushes delivered direct to your door for the equivalent of only £1.67 per month



‘Save the Planet, Twice a Day’ with a sustainable alternative to our unnecessary plastic problem



With brushes perfectly designed for your mini-me, get peace of mind that the whole family are covered

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Buy 1, Give 1, Plant 1

We believe that all of us have a responsibility to be socially and environmentally conscious,
which is why we turn something that’s great for you into something that
helps others and is good for our planet too…

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Buy 1

Because of you, there will be x6 less plastic brushes ending up in our oceans or landfill

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Because of you, there will be x6 disadvantaged children who will receive a free brush

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Because of you, there will be x6 trees planted in areas of the world suffering from deforestation

David Attenborough

“There is no question climate change is happening. The only arguable point is what part humans are playing in it"

David Attenborough

Dr Andrew Gardiner, BDS Dentist - Rhiwbina Dental

“I would definitely recommend Brushbox to my patients, with their high end products being delivered to your front door there are no more excuses!"

Dr Andrew Gardiner, BDS Dentist - Rhiwbina Dental

Why we need to act now

We are the first generation in history with the ability to change our eco-impact, but we’re also the last that will have the chance to.

It’s crazy to think that something we use every day is contributing so much to plastic waste. Yet one simple change could make a world of difference.

We know what’s happening to the planet. Now’s the time to start making the small changes that add up to big impacts

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You’re in safe hands

We’ve been credited by…

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Oral care shouldn’t cost the earth

Over 70% of us don’t replace our brush when we should which leads to a number of oral health problems which could otherwise be avoided.

Our year’s supply of bamboo brushes ensure that you’ll never need to worry about when to replace your brush again - and neither will our planet!

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Got Questions? We’ve got you covered!

We’re a team of people who want to change the way people think about, and look after their teeth, whilst having a positive impact on the world. We want to turn something that’s good for you into something that’s good for others and good for the environment too, which is why each and every time you buy a brush, we donate one to a disadvantaged child and plant a tree on your behalf. Our sustainable service therefore sends you a year’s supply (that’s x6!) of bamboo brushes straight to your door – no gimmicks, no hidden charges, just great quality products, and the knowledge that 6 children will have been helped, and 6 trees planted, because of you.

We don’t want to get too technical, but a major problem is that we tend to brush too hard, which leads to wearing down the enamel on our teeth which can’t be replaced. As recommended by Dentists, our adult toothbrush bristles are ‘Soft’ and our children’s bristles are ‘Super Soft’, to avoid this excess erosion and help keep your teeth as healthy as possible. If you’ve never used Soft bristles before then it might take a couple of brushes to get used to, but rest assured that they are doing just as good a job (better in fact!) than medium or hard bristles, and in the long run, you’ll never want to go back.

Yes! Our customers love our brushes and have done so since 2017. From a technical perspective however, our manufacturing team has been supplying toothbrushes to UK, EU and US markets for over 15 years and operate out of cleanroom plants with ISO and GMP certifications. Our factories have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485, GMP and BSCI Certificates, with our products being CE, SGS, BRC, FDA and Reach approved: so you can brush your teeth with peace of mind knowing you’ve got a beautiful, high quality product.

Your box will contain x6 Curvy bamboo brushes (either Adult’s size or Children’s size, depending upon which you choose) in x6 different colours, all individually wrapped in biodegradable inner packaging and delivered in our eco-friendly bespoke mailer (brush)box.

Toothbrush bristles wear down, fill up with bacteria and become less effective over time. Dentists recommend that we don’t go any longer than 2-3 months without replacing our toothbrush (though every 2 months is ideal) so we want to make sure you have a ready supply to replace yours on time (every other month), before it becomes ineffective.

Our eco-friendly brushes are made from carbonized, FSC certified bamboo from panda friendly farms (yes, there really is such a thing!), an environmentally sustainable timber which is both water resistant and antibacterial. The handles are 100% biodegradable & compostable – just remove the bristles first (a small pair of plyers or tweezers will do the trick!) and place them with your compostable waste.

Our bristles are made with the highest-grade BPA-free nylon, derived from sustainable bio-based sources (65%). Now, before you say anything, yes this is technically a plastic, however bristles that are both Vegan friendly and plastic-free simply unfortunately don't exist at the moment. Most brushes that claim to have biodegradable natural bristles are using Boars hair which, aside from the obvious ethical issues, isn't anywhere near effective enough at actually cleaning your teeth like they’re supposed to. It is important to us and our values that we offer a product which is as sustainable as possible, without sacrificing oral health (and, our brush is still 99% less plastic than a standard toothbrush – and we think for that reason alone it’s worth the switch!)

Finally, all our brushes come packaged in biodegradable wrappers before then being placed in a fully recyclable & FSC certified outer Brushbox mailer, with all pulp sourced from well managed and sustainable sources.

Yes: as well as being smaller to suit little mouths and tiny hands, all of our kids’ toothbrushes have Super Soft bristles to help protect against excess erosion of their tooth enamel (children’s enamel is 50% thinner than an adult’s), and shorter, chunkier handles for gentle, easy brushing.

When life’s going at a million miles an hour, remembering when to replace your toothbrush doesn’t always seem like it should be at the top of the to-do list. It is important, though – and so, instead of having to remind yourself to do it, we’ll remember for you. Switch off and let us worry about that for you.

Great idea! Our brushes make for great gifts – just enter their address details in the shipping/delivery section and you’re good to go.

Just scroll up and decide whether you’d like to purchase on a ‘One Time Only’ basis, or whether you’d like a year’s supply delivered every year (‘Subscribe & Save’ – don’t worry, you can cancel any time!), choose how many boxes you’d like (Adults and/or Children’s brushes) for you and your family and then select ‘GET YOURS NOW!’ – this will take you to our secure checkout where you can review your order, enter your delivery address, and securely enter your card details for payment.

If you live in the UK then it’s completely free! No, really – no sneaky delivery charges here. For delivery outside the UK there is a £3.99 delivery charge.

If you live in the UK then your box should arrive between 4-5 days after payment has been received, however in some cases it may take up to 7 days. If you live outside the UK then please allow up to 15 days for delivery.

Unfortunately not – our boxes are sent using Royal Mail rather than individually couriered. Not only does this help keep costs down (so we can pass on to you) but this also means we are using existing delivery networks, so we do not unnecessarily increase carbon emissions.

Very rarely do we have delivery issues. However, if you’re unlucky enough for your order not to arrive within the timeframe quoted above then please email us at and we will get the issue resolved for you.

We currently deliver throughout the UK & Europe, however we may look at delivering our toothbrushes further afield if the demand arises... Watch this space!

Yes! By creating less waste, you will have less impact on the planet. And, because we use existing delivery networks, the C02 emissions from delivery are negligible. The trees planted and additional bamboo brushes gifted as a result of your purchase will also have a considerable net positive impact both in the short term and the long term.

Yes. We only want you to subscribe if you really want to (but we think after trying our toothbrushes, you will really want to). We’ll be sorry to see you go, but there’s no hard feelings – and we’ll be here if you want to subscribe or single purchase from us again, any time.

For fairly obvious hygiene reasons, we do not accept the return of our brushes once they have been opened, however further details of our Returns Policy can be found in the hyperlink at the bottom of this page.

Completely. Our payment partner is one of the most well respected in the industry and is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most well-known organisations. They are compliant to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) service provider Level 1, the most stringent certification available. Woah, that was a mouthful (but it’s good to know, right?)

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