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Our products

There's no reason why a love of quality and craftsmanship should end at the products found in your bathroom. Just because a toothbrush is kept behind closed doors, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be of the best possible quality and design.

"A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear"


Our toothbrushes aren’t like the ones you find on the shelf in the supermarket. With sleek, insta-worthy designs you’ll be proud to have on display, just remember to tag us on @BRUSHBOXUK in that picture-perfect selfie!

We have 3 styles available so you can choose a design to suit you:


There’s nothing ‘standard’ about our Pure toothbrush range.

With a smooth surface handle designed to be comfortable to hold, and made with food grade plastic, it is completely recyclable once you’ve finished with it.

With 6 different shades available (Snow, Midnight, Indigo, Aqua, Sunset and Lemon), you’ll get a fresh surprise every other month to jazz up your bathroom.

Curved Bamboo

Our beautiful, eco-friendly Mao Bamboo handles are made using an environmentally sustainable timber, and then heat treated to carbonize their surface to provide water resistance and additional antibacterial properties. 

The main feature of the Curved Bamboo range is, of course, the curved grip, which allows the toothbrush to sit securely in the palm of your hand with a natural space for your thumb.

And with 6 quirky bristle colours including Midnight, Lime, Aqua, Sunset, Rose and Lemon, you’ll be excited to see which one we send you next.

Smooth Bamboo

We all know how to hold a pen, right?

Made using the same eco-friendly Bamboo as its Curved companion, our Smooth Bamboo handle is designed to be held in the lightest, most natural way possible. 

7 striking bristle colours, with matching base, mean that your bathroom will always be on point.

What comes in a box?

Our manufacturing team have been supplying toothbrushes to the UK, EU, and US markets for over 15 years - so you're in safe hands!

All our toothbrushes have Soft DuPont Herox bristles, as recommended by dentists, designed to help prevent excess erosion of your tooth enamel.

In every Brushbox you’ll get x2 handy sized tubes of our tasty toothpaste which will see you through until your next delivery.

You'll also have the choice of throwing in some Funky Floss and our Talented Tongue Cleaner for only £1 each per month - or get both for only £1.50!

Don’t forget the kids!

All 3 of our models also come in kid-friendly sizes, with perfectly shaped handles for their perfectly shaped hands.

Because the enamel on your children's teeth is 50% thinner than your own – our bristles are ‘Super Soft’ for gentle but effective brushing.

With colours such as Snow, Midnight, Lime, Aqua, Indigo, Sunset, Rose and Lemon, get your kids excited about what’s going to turn up for them next.

"Teeth are always in style" 
~Dr Seuss


The talented
'Tongue cleaner 

Chances are you’ve never used a tongue cleaner before, but did you know that using one can hugely improve your oral health?

Up to 90% of bad breath comes from odour-generating residue on the top of your tongue (blughh!) so if you’ve never used a tongue cleaner before, you may want to reconsider!

The beauty of our tongue cleaner is that it’s not as unattractive as it sounds. Cyan in colour and presented in a cool box, you won’t be ashamed to order this oral care essential.

The toothpaste your
teeth deserve

Manufactured by our award winning team in Ireland, our toothpaste continues to fight plaque even after brushing.

That’s right; even once you’ve brushed your teeth our toothpaste carries on working its magic by providing a protective coating of fluoride for your teeth (so make sure you don’t rinse when you're done!)

You only need a pea sized amount and everyday use will whiten your teeth, remove extrinsic stains (red wine, coffee, nicotine, tea), reduce tartar build up, prevent decay, maintain healthier gums and teeth, help you keep fresher breath, and will also make you measurably more attractive to the opposite sex… (ok, maybe not this one)

Our funky

Flossing can seem like a chore at times, but with our dental floss it couldn’t be easier (plus you only have to do it once a day!)

Our floss is specifically designed to slide between your teeth, making it easier to reach and clean areas of your mouth which regular brushing can’t touch.

We believe flossing is the way forward – and when you can include it in your subscription box for only £1 per month, why not give it a go?

Brushbox are committed to providing you with beautiful products that create and maintain beautiful smiles, with timely delivery that promotes and encourages healthy routine.

No healthy smile ever came from an old toothbrush!