A Nightmare on Shining Teeth Street: Spooky Sweets 👻

Ghouls, ghosts and monsters are the least of your troubles this Halloween! With the spooky season at its height, our teeth are taking the brunt of it.

This year, we’re listing the most nightmarish sweets and how to keep your pearly whites looking as on point as Dracula’s.

Horrifyingly hard sweets 🍭

 Sucking on lollypops and boiled sweets is one way to get your teeth looking like something from the walking dead. The longer the sweet stays in your mouth, the more damage it causes.

To keep the cavities at bay, swap your lollies for a sugar free alternative, or swill your mouth with water every couple of minutes to wash away the corrosive sugar.

Sickly sticky sweets 

 Just like hard sweets, their sticky brothers tend to linger on our teeth and are hard to brush away. The nasty chewies wedge their way into the cracks and crevices of your teeth and hide away there until the festive season; and it’ll take a Christmas miracle to get a dentist appointment during the holidays!

If you’re in the mood for something chewy, grab some sugar free gum for happy, healthy teeth.

Scary sour sweets 🍬

 The enamel on our teeth is like the scales on a dragon – the rugged, yet still penetrable, armour. Sour sweets are your enamel’s worst nightmare as they rot away at it until your poor teeth are left defenceless.

The Halloween Nightmare 

Chewy, sour sweets are frightening enough to send Jason back to his sludgy lake. As scrumptious as they are, the combination of a chewy sweet that is also corrosive due to its sour acidity are the scariest thing you’ll see this Halloween.


 Though they’re just as sugary as their sweetie counterpart, reach for the fun size chocolate bars for the perfect Halloween treat. Chocolate is easily washed away from your teeth, and therefore the best options. Halloween only lasts a day, cavities last a lifetime! Look after your teeth today, and every day with a Brushbox subscription. Your teeth deserve the treat! 

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