A Summer of Fun: Subscription Box Edition

Ah, summer; eating sticky ice lollies in the garden, days spent soaked in sun, and frantically trying to find something fun for the kids to do before they drive themselves (and you) crazy.

It can feel like an impossible task trying to get your kids together for fun summer activities (especially when the British rain has got you stuck inside), and trying to find the time to arrange things when you’re busy with the day to day chaos of having children!

But, not to worry: thanks to this handy list of subscription boxes that we’ve put together for you, you won’t be stuck for things to do with activities galore delivered right to your door (besides making excellent toothbrushes, did you know we’re also fabulous poets?)


toucanBox 🎨

The greatest subscription box for your little creatives. Delivered monthly, this craft box takes your little ones on a new adventure each month! Toucan creates more opportunities to explore new themes and techniques of cognitive learning. Every craft has been specially designed to teach and encourage kiddies to embark on a fun, educational journey.


Bookabees 📚

Imagine endless adventure that stretch through every second of history, and every inch of the galaxy - that’s what gets delivered every month to your door with Bookabees! Your little discoverers can have adventures delivered to their front door, that have been tailored by them! Carefully selected based on your child’s interests, Bookabees has options starting from just £4.99 a month.


Letterbox Lab 🧪

Experiments delivered through your letterbox, what more could a kid ask for? Choose between 3-5 experiments a month, for no more than £24 a month, that build upon each other as you make your way through the series. It’s the beginning of an adventure that will take your child over the rainbow, across space and into the inner workings of the natural world!


Mud & Bloom 🌻

With the weather at its best, why not take the adventure outside! With a Mud & Bloom subscription box, seasonal nature activities are delivered monthly for your little ones to enjoy. Activities include gardening and planting, nature crafting, and learning about the environment and how to care for it!


Brushbox 😁

Summertime is the season of sleepovers, and what kid wouldn’t want to show off their colourful, eco friendly bamboo toothbrush? Okay, so we might not be as exciting as getting an exploding volcano delivered to your door, but we’re still mighty important! Every two months we’ll send you everything you need to keep your smile happy and healthy from as little as £3.50 a month, plus your kids will be thrilled to be opening up a package especially for them, no matter what’s inside - definite win!


Not to mention, any cardboard left over from your subscription boxes will make a great starting point for rainy day crafts – you won’t be at a loose end this summer, that’s for sure.

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