Brushing For Health

We’re not the first and we certainly won’t be the last to shout to the world how important looking after your oral health is. However, keeping your pearly whites happy and healthy isn’t the only benefit of looking after your teeth.

Many of the body’s vital systems start at the mouth, so the existence of bad bacteria between your teeth can lead to a multitude of nasty health issues.

Infections 👹

When damaging bacteria begins to build up, it kicks out all the good bacteria that is used to help fight oral infections. You know when you bite down on that crisp the wrong way and it cuts the roof of your mouth? Those good bacteria are responsible for keeping that cut infection free!

An unbalanced number of bacteria can disrupt the immune system as it fights off inflammation in the gums. Without the healthy bacteria, the immune system becomes overloaded and begins to struggle to fight even simple infections and illnesses.

That's why it's so important to maintain good oral health to ensure that there are plenty of right probiotic strains in the mouth. These strains were created by your body to give a helping hand and act as the immune system’s first line of defence - protecting the gate to your body!


Healthy Hearts 💔

There are a lot of ways to have a healthy heart, but maintaining good oral health is one that’s often left behind.

Recent studies have shown that people who have a dominance of harmful, gum disease causing bacteria, had significantly thicker carotid arteries. The bacteria enters the bloodstream from the mouth and begins working its way through the rest of the body, provoking inflammation that results in the arteries becoming clogged!

Keeping plaque at bay prevents those nasty bacteria from overrunning your mouth, and makes sure your ticker keeps ticking happily.



It’s pretty clear at this point that oral health is incredibly important to us; that’s why we have our one-for-one policy, where every toothbrush that gets sold means another brush goes to someone in need.

We’re also invested in educating the next generation on why looking after our teeth is so important, and we work with schools to help promote this!

To find out how Brushbox can help your school get in touch today!

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