Changing the world with a brush

Peace begins with a smile”, a quote that we at Brushbox couldn’t agree with more. We believe that everyone deserves to smile, and feel peace, and our close work with Dentaid allows us to share this belief with the nation.


Over the last twenty-one years, Dentaid has worked tirelessly in over 70 countries to improve access to dentistry and oral health education. Their work has sent them across the world, but their UK based Bright Bites Project helps address oral health issues closer to home.


"33% of children begin school already showing signs of tooth decay"


We are incredibly proud to partner with Dentaid as they visit schools across the country to teach children the importance of oral health, and ways to look after their pearly whites.


Supporting teachers and parents through the Bright Bites Project allows us to begin tackling the troublesome statistics that plague the dental industry. 


Every year, 33% of children begin school already showing signs of tooth decay, and tooth decay is now the #1 reason why children take time off school. Just as troubling is the fact that 1 in 3 twelve-year-olds are embarrassed to smile because of the state of their teeth.


Our Brushbox promise is that for every toothbrush sold, we will donate one to a child who needs it, here in the UK. By working with Dentaid, we’re spreading healthier and happier smiles across the nation.

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