Discover the 7 essential trends for male grooming in 2018

Whether it’s the impact of hi-tech printing technology or a back to the 1980s fashion trend, 2018 is set to be a landmark year for male grooming.

Make sure you stay ahead of the pack with our magnificent 7 trends to watch out for this year:

1.    Shorter beards – the return of designer stubble

Forget long, hipster beards in 2018.  That’s so last year!  Instead, think George Michael on the cover of his album, Faith – groomed stubble and short, clipped beards.

The trend is being inspired by the fashion industry and the model in catwalk shows which are heavily influenced by the enduring styles of the 1980s.

Put away the beard baubles and get ready for some serious shaping.

2.    Traditional barber shops will continue to grow in popularity

The rise of traditional barber shops has been the key grooming trend over the past five years.  

It’s all part of the experience economy – for many, the desire to buy things has been replaced with the desire to buy into enjoyable experiences.

From having a good quality shave and haircut, to steam facials and manicures, a visit to a traditional barber has become a weekly or monthly must for many men.

Whether it’s a solo treat or a shared experience with your mates, a visit to the barber shop will continue to be a welcome small pleasure during the coming year.

3.    A rise in skincare products which target blemishes and black circles under the eyes

Women have had products such as concealers and skin brighteners for years, so why shouldn’t men also have a little help when it comes to looking fresh and healthy?

One men’s grooming company is planning the launch of a roll-on product to help brighten and protect the area under men’s eyes, helping to reduce puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles.

Where do I sign up?!!

4.    Consumers will be looking for products which help protect them against pollution

Women’s grooming products have including protection against UV ways and pollution for several years, and that trend is set to expand into male grooming products in 2018.

UV rays and pollution particles can prematurely age the skin.  The move to include protection in products targeted at men is happening in Asia and the Middle East, where there is a strong focus on skin health, and it is shortly expected to become a major trend in the western world.

5.    Sustainability will be more and more important – from packaging to ingredients

Many of us have seen the problems waste plastics have created in our seas and oceans.  There is a growing demand from consumers that the products they buy, and the packaging they come in, are all sustainable.

The life-cycle of products will become increasingly important.  Some grooming product manufacturers are switching to 100% recyclable plastics or plastic made from plant sources such as sugar cane.

When it comes to the ingredients used in grooming products, expect a trend towards natural materials created in a sustainable way, and products which have an ethical basis.  In other words, they are not tested on animals, they will be Fair Trade ingredients, or they will help to fund social projects.

6.    3D printed dental crowns – to give you that perfect, Instagram smile

The growth of the use of 3D printers has a huge impact on many industries – from printing edible logos for cakes to printing parts for machinery.

In dentistry, it will soon replace many milled items such as crowns.  Your dentist will be able to scan your mouth and your existing teeth to create the perfect crowns for you, giving you a bespoke service.

7.    Convenient grooming in a box grows – from dental care to hair care and beard products

The rise of subscription boxes for grooming products is set to continue.

Whether it’s hair care, products for shaving or grooming your beard, or products to help you get that perfect, white smile, the joy of having a box delivered weekly or monthly to your home is addictive!

It’s also a convenient way to ensure your products don’t run out and the items you use are always up to date.

(Cough, not so subtle self-promotion intended 😉 )

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