Do you actually need to floss every day?

Flossing could help revolutionise your oral hygiene routine for good, but not if you only do it once in a blue moon. We’ve consulted the science and have come up with the ideal flossing routine (hint: it’s every day).

Have you ever received that all-knowing look off the dentist when they ask if you’re flossing your teeth? It’s okay, we’re all human. We know that look too, and it fills us with dread. We’ve often questioned whether the dentist is just being a stickler for the rules, like when your teacher tells you to underline your headings, or whether we really should be flossing our teeth every day. 

It turns out that your dentist knows what they’re talking about. If they’re looking at your mouth sceptically, it’s probably because they can see warning signs of decay that suggest your teeth aren’t getting the attention they need. 😬

Why you should floss every day

The expert advice is unanimous. The NHS, American Dental Association and Canadian Dental Association all recommend flossing once every day, alongside your two daily doses of tooth brushing. It’s so important to brush your teeth, but your toothbrush can’t reach the small areas between your teeth. If you don’t clean between your teeth, plaque can quickly form. 

Plaque is a sticky film that contains bacteria. This bacteria feeds on the particles of food that remain in your mouth after eating, and loves all things sugary. When the bacteria feed, they release a corrosive acid, which eats away at your tooth enamel to cause cavities. This means even more time in the dentist’s chair whilst they sternly examine your mouth, and those dreaded fillings.

As if that doesn’t sound horrid enough, plaque can also harden into calculus (tartar) over time, which can eventually lead to gingivitis and gum disease. You only need to consult those scary adverts on TV about gum disease causing missing teeth to know the seriousness of this condition.

Flossing every day helps to rid your mouth of food particles in a safe and timely manner, just like brushing. 

More benefits of flossing every day: the list continues


1.Your smile will look positively gorgeous

Flossing after your meal will ensure you never have to sheepishly ask “is there something in my teeth?” Smile with confidence. 😁


2. Floss banishes bad breath

Bad breath (halitosis) is common, and is often caused by food particles decaying in the mouth. When food gets stuck between your teeth, it starts to break down. If you don’t remove these particles, a foul smell will be released from your mouth. No, thank you! Floss to make sure you’re squeaky clean and icy fresh. 


3. Flossing can keep your heart healthy

Yes, you read that right. Good oral hygiene has been linked to heart health. In a large 2019 study, participants who maintained a high standard of oral hygiene that included flossing reduced their risk of atrial fibrillation and heart failure.

4. Floss sustainably

Flossing is amazing for your teeth, but not so great for the environment. Traditional floss is made of plastic. This is problematic because it’s often disposed of irresponsibly and it ends up cluttering the environment. 

We could all do with less plastic in our daily routines. 

Brushbox floss is made from 100% biodegradable materials, derived from plant-based ingredients. Coated in Vegan-friendly candelilla wax, it’s natural peppermint flavour tastes as fresh as traditional floss, without the environmental impact. ♻️🌍

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