Eco-fy Your Festival

Festival season is upon us and that means great things for our social lives, but not such great things for the environment.

With thousands of tents and bags of rubbish being left behind, making a conscious decision when you purchase your festival necessities plays a big part in reducing the footprint you leave behind.

Give a crap! 🚽

We're starting with one of the most important items to take to a festival - loo roll. Unfortunately this single-use paper product has a long lasting impact due to the amount of mature forests that are cut down to make it. The solution? Toilet paper made from recycled materials. Don’t worry, we’re not talking recycled toilet paper, but toilet paper made from recycled paper products. Wrapped in recycled paper, Who Gives A Crap loo rolls have a significantly smaller impact on the environment, and 50% of their profits help build toilets in developing nations.


So lush! 🚿

There’s something about mini shampoos and conditioners that are just so much fun! People love a mini version! You know who doesn’t love a mini version of a plastic bottle? The environment. We don’t mean to be buzzkills, honest! Lush have created hydrating and nourishing shampoo bars, and conditioner bars too! No plastic packaging, and no trying to squeeze out the last drop from the tiny bottle with only a few uses in them!

Don’t be a baby 👶

Queue for the showers too big? Baby wipes. Bacon butty sent ketchup everywhere? Baby wipes. Two day old festival makeup still on? Baby wipes. Where would we be without the incredible multipurpose baby wipe? Well in 200 years you’ll still be able to find the wipe you used once. Introducing bamboo baby wipes! Decomposable in just 1% of the time of regular wipes, The Cheeky Panda wipes are cruelty free and fully recyclable too. Happy wiping!

Stop and smell the flowers 🌺

Don’t get caught out at the gates and have your aerosol can of deodorant thrown out. Not only is it a total waste, but you’ll be stuck smelling like a week old egg sandwich by the end of the weekend. Ew. And don’t get us started on the plastic roll on deodorants full of nasty chemicals and pore clogging aluminium. Our solution? Go nude. Oops, typo **Nuud!

Cruelty, paraben, artificial fragrance and alcohol free, Nuud deodorant cream is making waves in the armpit world! A cream? That goes on your pits? Sounds wild, but it really works. Not only will it keep you smelling fresher than a field of daisies, but the sugar cane tube means the only footprint you’ll leave is the one from when you're dancing guilt-free and barefoot in the sunshine!


It’s all smiles 😁

We’ve saved one of the most important for last - the toothbrush. Bamboo is the way forward, and Brushbox has you covered. Once the festivities are over, grab some tweezers and pull out the bristles. Drop them in the recycle bins, and leave the bamboo handle with the food-waste - it’s fully compostable!

Festival memories are meant to last a lifetime, but the products we use there shouldn’t. Make a choice to go eco-eco-friendly this summer!

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