Fact or Fib: The Oral Health Edition

Are drinking straws the secret answer to pearly white teeth? Do you really need to go to the dentist even if you’re not in any pain? Our beliefs on oral health are often passed down through generations, and influenced by things we read online but who truly knows which habits are contributing to good oral health, and which are purely a myth?

Today we debunk some of the common misconceptions around our oral health and expose those "facts" that might be doing us more harm than good...

“If my teeth don’t hurt, I don’t need to visit the dentist” 👩‍⚕️

FIB!  Visiting the dentist every 6 months reduces the risk of tooth decay by 60%. While some of us may dread the trip, a routine check-up should be seen as a form of prevention that allows you to avoid the difficult procedures that will inevitably arise from untreated problems. If you’re experiencing pain, this means the problem has already gone too far - but frequent visits to the dentist will help you maintain a healthy mouth and happy teeth!

“Drinking through a straw helps prevent teeth staining” 🥤

FACT!  According to dentists, sipping our tea, coffee and sugary drinks through a straw will help to keep our teeth gleaming. Positioning the straw towards the back of the mouth will reduce the amount of liquid that comes into contact with your teeth, lessening erosion and stains. However, using a straw does not prevent damage entirely; once you’ve tasted the drink, it has touched your teeth. So unfortunately, the only solution to avoid any kind of damage from drinking certain beverages is to avoid them altogether. If the thought of giving up coffee makes your heart ache, you’re not alone! So, use a straw to reduce the damage caused, but remember…compostable straws only!

“Do you really need to change your toothbrush every 2 months?” 🧐

FACT!  Unfortunately a whopping 75% of us don’t replace our toothbrush nearly as often as we should. The majority of us often wait until our bristles are tired and frayed, however by this point it is too late, our brush is already ineffective by this point.  Bacteria builds up on our bristles over time and our mouth is the perfect breeding ground - this is the main reason why we should replace our brush, even if visually it seems to still be in 'good shape'. Brushbox offers the perfect solution to this: our subscription will deliver a fresh toothbrush to your door every two months, offering a hassle-free replacement process!

“You should brush your teeth straight after every meal” 🍝

FIB!  This is a common misconception that can cause more harm than good. Eating and drinking sugary and acidic food weakens tooth enamel, and brushing your teeth immediately after eating can therefore cause your enamel to wear down quicker than it would do otherwise. So, wait an hour after eating and then brush away!

“Smiley people are more successful” 🤑

FACT!  Strangely enough, a number of studies have proved this to be true!  Therefore, take care of your teeth, love your smile, and success will be more likely to follow. An improved smile has been found to enhance confidence and self-esteem, in turn becoming associated with employment opportunities. Showing off your smile helps you appear positive and approachable, a key factor that helps instigate success. So keep smiling!


After reading this, you may decide that your old teeth-cleaning days are over and it is time to change your ways. Brushbox may be the first step towards changing your brushing habits and joining a movement to improve our oral care whilst also protecting the planet 🌍

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