Fun facts about flossing: Not the TikTok kind, the toothy kind 🦷🦷

Flossing is a polarising subject in the dental debate. Many people find it unnecessary, others don't miss a day of flossing from their oral hygiene routine. Find out which camp is on to a winner...

Is brushing alone, twice a day, enough?

If you’re a Brushbox champ, you save the world twice a day by brushing those pearly whites with a bamboo toothbrush, and help plant thousands of trees in the process. To you folk we say, stay with the programme, you’re off to a great start. However…

Flossing is the secret shining star of a great oral hygiene routine. It’s not just something your dentist advises because they’ve got a job lot of the stuff to sell you, any dentist worth their tiny sink will recommend that you get all up in your gums and floss out the grubby stuff!

Flossing can’t replace brushing, but together, the two make a dental dream team. 

Are you looking for a niche and informative Zoom quiz topic? Say no more. Here’s 9 fun facts about flossing that will make your canines stand on end.

1. Brushing alone only cleans about 70% of your teeth

That means that flossing nay-sayers are leaving food particles and grime on 30% of their teeth. Imagine how dirty your body would be if you only ever washed 70% of it. That’s a whole knees to toes worth of dirt! 

2. A daily floss can prevent heart disease

We kid you not. There’s a direct link between heart disease and gum disease. By flossing all of those nasties from between your gums, you can prevent bacteria from entering your bloodstream. 

3. Dental floss banishes 300 species of bacteria

You know we’re getting serious when we mention bacteria. Lab coat on.

That’s right guys, there are over 300 species of bacteria festering away in the plaque that can build between your teeth. Fear not, dental floss grips this plaque to pull it away from your gums and lead your teeth back to safety.

4. Millions of miles of floss waste

Each year, the American population alone gets through 3 million miles of dental floss. With millions more being added by the rest of use around the world.

If you laid the USAs floss consumption out end to end, it would go from the Earth to the moon and back 6 times! It would also look really, really gross.

5. “Bacon is good for me!”

Floss can be purchased in a variety of different flavours. Whilst most straight-laced folk aim for spearmint, or peppermint if they’re taking a walk on the wild side, floss can even be found in a bacon flavour. King Curtis will be most pleased.

6. Floss must not be flushed

Whilst it’s convenient to toss your floss in the toilet after use, it’s a nightmare for the sewage system. Floss isn’t biodegradable (unless it’s from Brushbox of course 😊 ), so once it is sent down the toilet pan, it can combine with hair and other waste to form gross globules of gunk that clog the pipes. Globalicious. 

Instead, floss should be disposed of in your ‘black bag’ waste bin.

7. There is an optimum length of floss

To floss efficiently, you will need between 18-20 inches of floss. This might sound excessive, but remember that every tooth requires a new fresh piece of floss to avoid spreading bacteria. 

8. Battle of the sexes

It is believed by researchers that women floss more than men. Come on guys, get the grub out of your gums.

9. Flossing before brushing is the way forward

Dental buffs advise that flossing before brushing makes brushing more effective. By removing debris between your teeth first, your bristles have more chance to distribute that soapy goodness throughout more of your teeth.

So there we have it - it’s a victory for the floss advocates. Globules and bacon aside, flossing is a great way to take care of not only your teeth and gums, but your wider health as well. If our eyes are the gateways to our souls, our mouths are the trap doors to our bellies and organs. 

Our oral care has a great impact on everything from our heart health to our gut environment, so any way to boost your oral hygiene has the green light from us.

Did you know these fun facts about flossing? Let us know in the comments below. 

And if you’re running low on floss, or are guilty of neglecting your floss game, check out our 100% biodegradable floss, which can be easily added to any subscription.

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