Interview with a Tooth Fairy

We’ve hunted down one of the most elusive critters on the planet and quizzed her on our most pressing questions. Brushbox is proud to introduce, the Tooth Fairy.


We’ve got to ask, are you *THE* Tooth Fairy, or are there several?

Oh there’s hundreds of us in my region! It’s just like how there’s hundreds of nurses in any given area. I can’t imagine trying to cover my whole region on my own, let alone the whole planet!


Like with any job, you must have a day to day schedule and routine. What’s yours?

It depends on how many call-outs I get on my shift! If I’m lucky I’ll be given an hour or so notice and I’ll get to work. I normally do about 10-15 houses a night, any more than that and the bag of teeth gets a bit heavy to fly with. 


You can’t be working all the time, what do you do in your spare time?

Doing nightshifts is quite bad for my social life unfortunately - I envy the Easter Bunny with only one morning a year!


Is it true that Millennials get almost double the amount than Gen Y did?

In this economy? I don’t think so! It may look that way as we’re leaving between £3 and £5 per tooth, but that’s just proof of inflation! Gen Y were actually the lucky ones, and received almost 75% more than the current generation!


What happens with all those little teeth?

Once we bring them back to the collection centre, they get counted (got to reach those targets, you know what I mean!) and then they get tossed in the incinerator. You guys use fossil fuels, we use the teeth of children to power our towns.


Oh… okay… that’s unexpected. Well, what’s the strangest thing you've found under a pillow? 

I had a child leave what must’ve been a tooth from their kitten, hoping to get some extra money. I presume the poor cat must’ve lost one of its baby teeth and the child found it lying around… so I put a tin of tuna under the pillow. That’ll teach them to try and trick a Tooth Fairy!


Have you ever been caught or spotted on the job? 

When I first started out I had a few close calls! A couple Christmas’ ago, I had to float at the end of a tree branch to convince a kid I was a decoration! I kept that one quiet from my supervisor, I can tell you that!


And lastly, can you comment on the malicious rumours that other people are getting credit for the work that you do each night? 

This is a bit of a sensitive topic for me to be honest. It’s very demoralising hearing that little Mary’s mum is actually the one doing the hard work, when I’m the one risking my wings to get the job done. Mary’s mum doesn’t have to dodge cat claws and carry a sack of teeth around - I work so hard around the clock and barely get a break! … sorry… I can get quite heated when I talk about this.


So there you have it folks, one of the hardest working ladies in the business!

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