Is your kid your mini me? Discover why our little ones mimic us…and how that could help you!

Ever had the feeling you’re raising a mini version of yourself?

Having kids is sometimes like looking in a mirror.  That little thing you do with your hair before you have a bath, the way you stick out your tongue while you’re concentrating…  They seem to spot everything we do!

This talent for imitation starts at birth, scientists say.  Babies mimic their parents’ facial gestures.  Stick out a tongue and your baby’s tongue will be stuck out at you, we’d put money on it!

By the time your little girl or boy is one, he or she will intentionally imitate you.  If Dad stretches before a run, his son or daughter will stretch with him.  If Mum likes to dance to the bathroom, her child will do the same.

It’s the way small children bond with their parents.

It’s only natural that we find this sooo cute and funny and reward them with heaps of praise and attention.  That, of course, means they will do it even more.

It’s also an important way for kids to develop their skills and confidence.

It spurs them on to try things they haven’t done before, then think: “I CAN do this!”


So, how can this help them develop healthy habits?


You’re under constant observation.  So, why not use that to help your kids develop good health routines?

Encourage them to copy you by:

  1. Eating healthily – Choose fruit and vegetables, show how much you enjoy them, and encourage them to try them alongside you. Showing them that trying new things is good is a fantastic life lesson. 
  1. Encouraging them to get involved in chores - Toddlers love to imitate things around the house – they see you using the vacuum, washing the dishes, and plumping the cushions and they include that in their play. Make it a natural thing to participate as they grow up, and you’ll thank yourself as the years go on!
  1. Getting them active – Shadowing you on a walk, a run, swimming, or playing sports like football, cricket, rugby, netball, or tennis will help your children develop into active kids. That has to be great for their health.
  1. Encouraging them to wash their hands properly – Help keep them as healthy as possible by getting them to shadow you washing your hands before meals and after working with them.
  1. Slapping on the sunscreen – Developing good routines for the sun are key to protecting your little one’s skin. Lead by example and praise them for learning to apply the sun cream.
  1. Brushing your teeth with them every morning and night – Show them the importance of keeping their teeth clean and their mouths healthy by encouraging them to mimic you brushing your teeth. Make it a routine so they develop the good habit.


Why not make taking care of their teeth an exciting event for kids?  Brushbox can help you do that with our convenient, affordable toothbrushes and oral care products for children.  We even address them to your little ones, so it makes them feel important.  How cool is that?

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