Like a post to plant a tree, how on earth does that work?

Well, let’s break it down! For every like that our post gets, we’ll donate the equivalent amount of funds to ensure the planting of trees through our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects. 


Here’s the maths ❤️ = 🌲

Why don’t you just plant the trees anyway?

No, it’s not just a marketing ploy, we promise! Of course, we’d love to raise awareness about Brushbox, but what’s more important is that by encouraging people to like the post, we’re encouraging the awareness of sustainable choices. 

Our aim is to further spread the message and normalise sustainability culture, allowing people to get involved and provoke others to take action. We want to spread the word about how easy it is to make sustainable choices, and why supporting sustainable businesses is so important.  

Our goal with our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, is to be as transparent as possible, so you know the chain of the process, and why we’re actually doing this.

So now you know. Head back to our Instagram and plant a tree with a single touch of your screen! And while you’re there, why not tag a couple friends to encourage them to plant a tree too.

Let’s save the world, twice a day, together. 

Find our Instagram here.

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  • Michael

    I’m really impressed with the action that is being taken here to raise awareness of sustainability! We all need to do our bit to save the environment and Brushbox is certainly doing their’s. :)

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