Make brush-time fun-time for your kids!

If you have kids, you know what a challenge it can be getting them to brush their teeth. From inventive excuses, to brushes somehow landing in the toilet. Kids are experts in avoidance.

So, how do we get our lovable monsters excited about brush time? There’s no magic answer, but here are 5 ideas you could try:

Brush DJ 🎵

Brush DJ is a free app that turns your bathroom into a disco, by linking up to the music in your phone and playing your little one’s favourite tunes. Two minutes seems like a lifetime to them when they have a toothbrush in their mouth - until their favourite song starts to play! Boogie your way around the bathroom, and when the music stops, you know your brushing is complete!

Brusheez 👾

Another great app to teach kids how to properly brush is Brusheez. Have them follow along with a friendly monster that shows them how to reach all their teeth, and watch their eyes light up at the thought of brushing their teeth twice a day - a miracle, we know!


Chompers 🐊

One of our favourite tools to make brush time a fun start and end to the day is the podcast Chompers. Each episode begins with instructions on where your tots should start their brushing, and continues with a variety of 2 minute stories, jokes and interesting real life adventures. This podcast keeps them engaged and entertained through a full two minutes of brushing with its enormous variety of exciting subjects.

Stickers ⭐️

If you’re looking for something even more interactive, you can’t go wrong with a good old


fashioned sticker chart! Whether you purchase one, or create it yourself - grab a calendar and some bright colourful stickers that your little ones will love. Each morning and night after they’ve finished brushing their teeth, unveil a sticker for them to add to their calendar. Keeping the stickers hidden away, so that each toothbrushing session brings them a surprise. When their calendar is full for the month, reward them with something they love! This is also a great addition to any of the above to get your little ones jumping up and down to look after their teeth.


Make it personal 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Something that never fails to get kids excited, is getting something delivered just for them! When ordering your Brushbox, why not address it to your little ones. Imagine their joy when they get to open their very own Brushbox, something that is just for them!


We love being able to deliver a product that helps your little ones look after their teeth, and with the tools we’ve mentioned above, they’ll begin a great relationship with their oral health care

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