National Recycling Day 2019

Being kind to the environment is one of our top priorities at Brushbox (joined only by being kind to others, and to your teeth!). It goes without saying, then, that we’ll be celebrating National Recycling Day by shouting as loud as possible about it, and encouraging everyone we know to remember how important it is to recycle.

National Recycling Day is on 15th November 2019, and while based in the US, we’ll take any excuse to tell you exactly why recycling is so necessary and so important.

When we’re talking about a zero-waste lifestyle, we tend to imagine that’ll mean a zero-consumption lifestyle. If the products that you choose to buy are ones that can be recycled, though (or reused), you can change your lifestyle to be zero waste, without compromising the things that you need to live your life.

Recycling instead of throwing things in general waste means that your rubbish won’t end up in landfill. Instead, it’ll be used to make new products again, like bottles, glass, and even clothing.

So, what changes can you make in your life to make sure you’re recycling as much as possible, and in the best way for the environment?

First off, before you throw anything away, remember your three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. You’ll notice that Recycling comes last – that’s because while it’s a great option, you should try to reduce the number of products you’re consuming first, and reuse the products that you do buy. If you buy something in a recyclable clear plastic bottle, for example, first reuse it as a water bottle until you recycle it when you’re finished with it.  

Brush up on your local council’s recycling policy. Each locality has its own rules when it comes to recycling and it’s important to know what your local rules are so you’re not accidentally putting anything in the recycling bin that shouldn’t be there – or if you’re leaving something out that’s able to be recycled in your local area!

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re cleaning your packaging. If you’ve had your food in recyclable packaging, it’s best to wash it out. It’s easier to recycle clean packaging, not to mention it won’t smell and rot when out on the street.

It’s a great idea to buy packaging that is made from recycled materials. If you do this, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and further encouraging the recycling trend.

As well as buying packaging that’s made from something that’s been recycled, think ahead when you’re buying. When you’re in the shops, look at the packaging that you’re buying to check that it’ll be recyclable once you’re done with it. If there are recyclable alternatives to non-recyclable items, opt for those, instead.

Condense your waste: that means flattening cardboard boxes, squeezing down plastic bottles and scrunching up paper all in the process of getting as much into the bin as you can.

Empty your recycling bin regularly to stop it overflowing, and to encourage you to keep topping it up!

We hope our top tips will help you think about how much you’re recycling – and remind you to empty out your recycling bin now!

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