New Year’s Resolutions Vs Habits

It’s that time of year, ‘New Year, New Me’ being repeated across social media as the collective mantra for everyone wanting to make improvements to themselves this year. And let’s face it, most of us are praying for a better year in 2021.

But how effective are New Year’s resolutions really?

No one sets a New Year’s Resolution with poor intention, not really. Yet by the time Feb 1st rolls around most people have slipped back to their old ways.

It’s unsurprising really. A New Year’s resolution is essentially just a ‘goal’ or ‘target’. Maybe even a desired behaviour. But, at risk of sounding like a cheesy online business coach, “a goal without a plan is just a wish”.

This is why, when it comes to changing behaviours, habits are the way forward. And the best way to turn a behaviour into a habit? Track it!

What’s habit tracking?

Habit tracking is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the process of tracking small habitual behaviours, and whether or not you complete them. And thanks to habit tracking apps, it’s easier than ever.

In these apps, you can list out the behaviors you want to be completing regularly, and then have the satisfaction of giving yourself a little tick each time they’re completed. We use them, and it’s crazy satisfying. Walking the dog this morning? Tick! Went for a lunchtime run? Tick! Read a book for 30 mins? Tick!

That gratification of the tick and the accountability of reporting on what you did and didn’t do is what helps build the habit. Because let’s face it, when something feels good, we want to do it more. And when you get a full week of complete’ll be absolutely buzzing!

So why are we, a toothbrush company, waffling on about habits?

Well, we have two core purposes here at Brushbox. Promote good oral health and support cleaner, eco-friendly ways of living. And we believe both of these areas are massively boosted by good habits. So, if either better oral health or eco-living goals made it onto your list of resolutions this year, why not try making them a habit?

Here’s some of our Brushbox favourite habits to track:

Brushed twice today - Y/N
Turned off water while brushing - Y/N
Flossed today - Y/N
Drank 8 cups of water - Y/N
Eat crunchy fruit - Y/N
Chose shower over bath - Y/N
Used plastic free soap - Y/N
Took the recycling out - Y/N

In conclusion, if you've made your a New Year's Resolution this year, you may find it easier to stick to if you can turn it into a habit. Is there a way to break it down into a daily check, and hold yourself accountable? 

Whatever it is, we wish you the best of luck. 


Got any of your own favourite oral health or eco habits that we've not listed? Pop them in the comments below and we'll share our favourites on social media. 

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