Psst! Want to know a secret? Here’s how to be more kissable in just a couple of minutes a day…

You could be doing one thing for less than two minutes a day which would transform your chances of being an amazing kisser.

It would also make a world of difference to your health and confidence.

It’s a simple thing we should all do: floss.

Just flossing after we clean our teeth in the evening makes a world of difference to our oral hygiene and the whiteness of our smiles.

Flossing works because it helps you get into the pockets between your teeth and the gum line.

It clears them of bacteria and tartar, massages gums, and helps dislodge food which becomes stuck between teeth. Eew!

No more worrying about spinach in the teeth for us, though. We’ll be flossing every evening from now on because no one wants to kiss someone with bad breath, do they?

Don’t ruin those magic moments because you’re worrying about hygiene!  What a passion killer…


Other reasons to floss every day…

  1. You’re less likely to get gum disease and lose teeth…That’s got to be a great reason to use more floss! Nothing worse than kissing someone to discover they have false teeth or gaps where their teeth should be…
  1. Your teeth will be easier to clean, and they’ll stay whiter for longer…If you floss and dislodge plaque and tartar, or prevent it forming, your smile will be whiter and more impressive. You’re more likely to be kissed with that kind of winning smile.
  1. You’ll help prevent cavities by dislodging stuck food…Fillings, we hate them! Anything we can do to avoid them has to be good.
  1. Your gums are less likely to shrink if they’re healthy…Exposing the root will mean your teeth are painful and having shrunken gums can affect your confidence.


 Need even more convincing?


Some of us need that detail…so, here goes:

Did you know that more than a billion inches of dental floss is used in the UK every year?  No?  Neither did we!

The average person uses 18 inches of dental floss in a year. That’s 1.17 billion inches used in the UK annually.  The trouble is, dentists say that 18 inches is how much the average person should use in TWO DAYS…

So, we have a long way to go to get great dental hygiene!

It’s time we all admitted brushing our teeth alone isn’t enough…we should be flossing.

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