From Brushbox to Desktop Garden: How to repurpose your old Brushbox

Reducing, reusing and recycling: they’re the three basics when it comes to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. We’ve covered reducing plastic use and recycling with our bamboo toothbrushes and cardboard packaging, which are both recyclable, but when it came comes to reusing, we decided to think outside of the (Brush)box. After a bit of chatting, cutting, sticking and gluing, we found a bunch of ways to repurpose the Brushbox you’re finished with. Here are our DIY projects that gave our Brushboxes a new lease of life.

What you'll need

  • A Brushbox that’s served its delivering purpose
  • Paper (patterned or plain)
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Felt tips (or something else to decorate with)

A DIY Dream

First thing’s first: before you upcycle your box, you’ve got to decorate it. Well, you don’t have to decorate it, but there’s nothing that marks the new life of your Brushbox like a fresh new suit. If you’ve got a creative streak, or want to let little ones run wild, get out the paint and pens for an afternoon of artistry. For a blank slate, just stick some plain white or brown paper on the box first. If you’d prefer something a little less time consuming – and, let’s be honest, probably neater – grab some wrapping paper in a pretty print and wrap up the box like you’re wrapping a present (though, of course, wrap the lid separately so you can still open it!). We went for white paper (two pieces of A4 covered the whole box) and doodled with felt-tip pens while watching Netflix: it made for a pretty relaxing afternoon! We also decided to stick a handy ‘IMPORTANT STUFF’ label on the front – you know, to make sure people know exactly what’s inside.

Your new Brushbox can be used to store sheets, make-up brushes, stationery: basically anything you want to stick inside. We’ve found Brushboxes are the perfect size for eyeshadow brushes and smaller single eyeshadows, too. It’s perfect for on-the-go storage and doesn’t have to be shoved in the same awkward way that you push your make-up bag into your already-too-full bigger bag. Just pop it into the back of your bag and you’re away!

We don’t need to list everything you could possibly store in a box, but we find them super handy for pens and pencils, too – especially for kids. They’re easy to pop in a bag and take out and about – and seeing as your little one can scribble straight onto the box, you’ve not got to worry about paper. They’re fab for storing drawings and paintings too – you won’t lose sight of those hundreds of colouring sheets anymore!

Teeth-brushing tips that last

Inside all of our Brushboxes are quick tips for a healthier mouth and whiter smile. If you’re recycling your Brushbox, you can still save these top tips as a reminder for little ones (or for yourself on those days when brushing your teeth seems like a mammoth task). Just cut neatly around the six tips for a smart-looking postcard that can be pinned up in your bathroom to remind you that every step of brushing your teeth is just as important as the next.

No-drama puppet theatre

Everyone knows that old cardboard boxes are a goldmine when it comes to kids’ DIY projects, and Brushbox has got your back here, too. The open-and-close lid makes for a perfect frame for a homemade puppet show theatre!

We used the box that we’d cut our top toothbrush tips out of, the square gap left behind making for a perfect frame around the stage. We unfolded the top of the box before we cut it, so we could make the smallest, neatest cut possible. That meant when we taped it back together, the cut was hardly visible! Our box is left plain here, but you could also decorate your box to create a photo frame, or doll-up your stage area a little.

A Desktop Garden

This is one of our favourites; not only because it seems like the perfect eco-friendly way to give a new life to your Brushbox, but because it looks so cute. We covered the box in green paper and used blue paper for our “sky”.

Cotton wool makes for great clouds (of course) – we cut up small circular cotton wool pads, which made it easier to cut cartoon cloud-shapes. The shallow Brushbox can be filled with soil to grow small herbs and plants and for an even sweeter garden, you could decorate the lid.

A new lease of life

We hope this has got you thinking afresh about ways you can repurpose your Brushbox, or any other boxes you’ve got lying about the house. We had way too much fun getting stuck in. And don’t forget – if you don’t fancy repurposing, you can always recycle. Just don’t let anything go to waste!


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