The Smile Handbook

Our smile says a lot about us, and it’s one of the first things people notice when they look at us. However, a smile isn’t *just* a sign of happiness, and that little upside down frown can mean something completely different depending on the situation. We’ve broken down the truths of five smiles and what they *really* mean…


The “of course I don’t mind” smile: 🙃

Let’s face it, of course you mind that your coworker picked you up a caramel latte instead of an Americano, but there’s no point upsetting Karen at the cost of an unnecessarily sugary drink.

This is the smile you reserve for those little inconveniences that life is known for, and it’s the way of showing the world that you will bend but you shall not break! So what if you paid £4.50 for a drink you didn’t want? You’re going to raise your take-away cup and grin at Karen through the sugar rush.


The “I definitely know what you’re talking about” smile: 🙂

Whether it’s the constant roar of noise in an overcrowded bar, or you’re listening to that batty relative natter on over a family meal - sometimes it’s hard to keep track of what’s being said.  Instead of constantly repeating “I’m sorry, I missed what you said”, this smile is meant to convince the recipient that their message has been clearly delivered and received.


The “my bad” smile: 😅

We all make mistakes, it’s a necessary part of life, but some are definitely worse than others. Forgetting an anniversary? Not great, but you’ll make up for it. Forgetting to grab the milk when you went to the supermarket? Could be worse - you could’ve left the kid at the shops.

For those little whoopsies, the chagrined smile and an apologetic mumble will soothe most social upsets. Eating the last biscuit but leaving the empty packet in the cupboard however, that’s inexcusable.


The “caught in the act” smile: 😇

You’ve been spotted - your hand in the metaphorical cookie jar. What do you do? Try and talk your way out of it? No, you charm your way out with the cheekiest of all smiles.

This is one of the first smiles we ever learnt as little ones. We learnt that no one could resist a cheeky smile. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep the chubby cheeks and the youthful cuteness that makes this smile such a successful one. Oh well, worth a shot anyway.


The “showstopper” smile: 😁

Karen in accounting asks if you’ve had work done. John from reception asks if you’ve had a hair cut. Susan from sales asks if you’ve been on holiday. You are magnificent and positively show-stopping and everyone wants to know your secret.

But a cheeky brow lift, hair cut, or holiday aren’t the answer. You’re using Brushbox’s whitening toothpaste with your eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush, and you’re smashing through your box of floss and putting your tongue cleaner to work. Your smile is absolutely dazzling thanks to your  Brushbox subscription and you are letting the world know it.

Our smiles are a very important part of day to day life, and making sure it’s a happy and healthy one is crucial. Whether you’re trying to hide a little mistake, or stunning the cute barista at your local coffee shop, keep your smile at it’s best with Brushbox.

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