Our charitable partner

Our goal with Brushbox is to change the way people think about, and look after their teeth, and to implement a step change in improving the oral health for current and future generations.

We can't do this alone - that's why we've partnered with Dentaid and promise that for every single toothbrush you buy, we will donate one to a child who needs one.

The organisation has helped more than 30,515 people in 2017, and together we hope to improve oral health for thousands more!

Learn more about the great work Dentaid do, below:

Dentaid is an international dental charity committed to improving oral health around the world.  Over the last 21 years Dentaid has worked in more than 70 countries to improve access to dentistry and oral health education.

By equipping and supporting local dentists, running teeth screening, fluoride application and toothbrushing programmes and giving British dental professionals regular opportunities to volunteer abroad, Dentaid works tirelessly to help people suffering from oral pain and prevent them from developing problems in the future.

Oral health education is at the heart of what they do with Dentaid volunteers establishing toothbrushing programmes and promoting sugar awareness and dental health at every opportunity.

Dentaid’s UK work continues to expand with a mobile dental unit that travels to day centres, homeless shelters and community centres providing free dental care for people who find it hard to access NHS dental treatment.  Volunteers on the mobile dental unit recently provided free dental care for 320 people in Dewsbury where many people are unable to access NHS dental care and there are long waiting lists for treatment.

"Everyone smiles in the same language"
~ George Carlin

In 2017 Dentaid has taken its Brightbites Project to schools across the country to teach children about the importance of oral health along with lesson plans and teacher’s packs to support the curriculum.  Where possible parents are encouraged to attend the sessions which include toothbrushing advice, as well as information about the sugar content of popular snacks and drinks.

Here at Brushbox we are proud to support the Brightbites Project and will continue to do so for as long as we exist.

In addition to their work in the UK, they work in some of the poorest and most remote communities in the world, helping some of the 1.3 billion people who have toothache but no access to dental care.

Dentaid volunteers run outreach clinics in prisons, orphanages, schools, slum areas and community buildings providing pain relieving dental treatment for hundreds of people a day.  Their volunteers also help to train and support local dentists by providing equipment and sharing expertise.

In 2003 Dentaid designed a portable chair which, along with other equipment, fits into a wheelie bin to produce a fully portable dental surgery that can be operated without access to running water or electricity.

In the last year Dentaid Boxes have been sent to countries including Burkina Faso, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Guinea and The Solomon Islands.

More recently Dentaid has been asked to work closer to home providing emergency dental care for refugees at camps in Greece, setting up clinics on the islands of Lesvos and Samos, and have sent almost 40 teams of volunteer dental professionals to treat around 4,800 refugees.